Somi Capital partners with seasoned founders who are passionate about building generationally great companies.

We invest in early stage ventures across different geographies and industries.

Our Mission:

We are here to help entrepreneurs build exceptional companies in the earliest of stages.

In addition to funding, we provide our our collective experience in building and growing technology businesses to scale. We’ve helped build one of the fastest growing software companies from scratch and we’re here to help you too.

Our Resources

We’ve created strategic partnerships to better serve our portfolio companies.


We look for nimble, mission driven founders that have demonstrated an ability to execute early on.

About Us:

Our story began a couple of years ago at Babson College…

We’re a team of founders, operators, and investors who have helped build LULA Technologies from scratch. We’ve known each other for many years and we created South Miami Capital to help transmit our collective wisdom.

Guillermo Gomez

Angel Investor

Michael Vega-Sanz

President and Co-Founder at Lula

Matthew Vega-Sanz

CEO and Co-Founder at Lula

Arnaldo Carrillo

Product at Lula